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         Menopause Yoga Workshops


Many women experience fluctuations of hormone levels as early as late 30’s - early 40’s.

The changes in oestrogen, progesterone and testosterone levels affect every cell in the body.

There are 3 stages of menopause

  1. Peri menopause

  2. Menopause

  3. Post menopause

I aim to bring awareness to the symptoms that menopause can bring and offer yoga as a way to support the symptoms women can experience.

The average age is 51 years However peri menopause can last for 6 to 10 years.

Symptoms can continue into the post menopausal stage with some women still experiencing symptoms in their 60’s.


Many people are aware of hot flushes being a classic symptom of menopause.

However there are many other symptoms which women don’t necessarily associate with menopause.

Headaches, migraines,

Joint pain,

Mood change, drier skin & hair, anxiety, 

Many of these symptoms are over looked & self caress neglected until stronger more commonly known symptoms occur.

we will look at the transitional time of  peri menopause, menopause and 

post menopause.Offering information to support women’s midlife hormonal health in a holistic way.


Exploring practical ways to manage the transition into your second spring with yoga, breath work and meditation practices.

Adapting the poses to keep bodies safe and strong.


Stepping into your second spring

A mid life yoga workshop

Including menopause yoga for managing anxious feelings, hot flushes, insomnia as well as focusing the mind..

Yoga offers a wealth of practices to help us manage many of the physical aspects of menopause with more ease.incuding

strengthening the body, increase muscle tone and strength

Get inspired about your future 


Use guided meditations to gain insight into what we can create for ourselves as we step into our second spring.


The perfect time for women to support women, share experiences, with knowledge comes empowerment.

Be ready to embrace your post menopausal years…. Stress can exacerbate all menopausal symptoms.

Reduce stress by utilising simple  breathing exercises, to calm the mind & tap into the parasympathetic nervous system that induces calmness.


Writing a daily journal to recognise which foods, drinks  activities, thoughts trigger your menopause symptoms.

By tapping into what triggers , helps with your self growth.


Nourish and nurture yourself.

Eat well, sleep well , pamper yourself


Feel empowered


Enjoy a women circle where you can talk freely about your experiences of the menopause, what is happening to you.

Hear from others wisdom as well.

.. this is how we grow…


Journalling techniques to support your menopausal life.


Confidential and safe space

Support women at the various stages of menopause.



Useful information on menopause to help you understand


Week 1

Welcome to the course & yoga for hot emotions


Week 2


Yoga for supporting sleep


Week 3


Yoga for hot flushes


Week 4

Yoga for calming anxiety, brain fog & overwhelmed


Week 5

Yoga for lifting low moods, improving bone density & heart health.



Where time permits there will be a short women circle.


Each session combines the following styles of yoga

Hatha, vinyasas flow, yin & restorative

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