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Bespoke Wellbeing Events

Yoga and Sound Meditation for your Event.

Wellbeing Events offer a Myriad of Positive Benefits.....

Let me introduce myself ....

Lizzie Eggerton, a fully certified Yoga teacher & Sound Therapy practitioner.

I am a collector of curios and an adventurer, with a passion for helping people feel better about themselves and live life to their full potential.

I facilitate wellbeing sessions in and around Herefordshire. The sessions are a wonderful way to structure a wellbeing event for private groups and organisations . The yoga and sound baths can be tailored to your groups requirements.

It seems now more than ever, wellbeing is of paramount importance. The aftermath of recent events has caused many people to spiral into a state of anxiety & negative thought patterns. Feeling burnt out, fed up, or in some cases loss of direction.

A sound meditation is an immersive holistic experience, that can have an enormous positive impact in aiding our coping mechanisms, helping to calm the central nervous system and enabling the participants to drop into an effortless deep meditative state, where the thinking mind quietens and lets go, as it becomes absorbed by the soundscape- the vast array of tones, overtones produced by the gongs. 

Yoga is an excellent addition to any wellbeing day. As well as the obvious physical benefits, yoga creates the opportunity to tune in and mindfully bring ourselves into the present moment. It enables us to drop away from habitually dwelling on the past, and ruminating about future events.


Corporate events, staff well being sessions, team building, hen parties, birthday celebrations.. group events of any kind, can be catered for.

Is this something you would be interested in… ?

If you would like further details, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.


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