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                              Bright New Beginnings 2023 

                                               New Year Wellbeing Afternoon Workshop





















                                                     Monday 2nd January 2023


                                                         Woolhope Village Hal1,


                                                                   HR1 4QS

                                                Start your New Year with good vibrations & positivity……..

                  Join me for an afternoon of energising yoga & pranayama practice.

                        An intention setting ritual…”Out with the old in with the new”. 

     Followed by the ultimate way to replenish & induce calmness to both body & mind. 

  A Sumptuous Gong Bath, Sound Meditation Session. Let the sound waves wash over you

  as your mind lets go, taking you into a meditative dreamlike state. Experiencing a sonic          massage, as every cell in your body is gently vibrated, helping to bring it back

 into a state of natural balance & harmony.

 There will be a choice of delicious cakes & teas, to ground you before you head home. 


                                                         FULLY BOOKED


                                                           Cost :  £30


                                           Please get in touch to book your place:










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