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20 Reasons To Start Practising Yoga

1. Increases your muscle strength & tone.

2. Improves flexibility.

3. Improves balance.

4. Increases energy levels.

5. Helps to boost the immune system.

6. Helps with back pain.

7. Helps regulate hormones.

8. Boosts weight loss.

9. Improves memory.

10.Improves self esteem.

11.Increases lung capacity.

12.Better mental clarity.

13.Helps you to connect more fully to your surroundings.

14.Improves ability to deal with stress.

15.Improves sleep.

16.Improves posture.

17.Helps fight depression.

18.Helps manage anxiety.

19.Heals through detoxification.

20.Brings body & mind into you that good to be alive feeling!

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